College Students Opinions on Health and Fitness


October, 2019

College Students Opinions on Health and Fitness

The Importance of Being Healthy It is therefore worrying that based on previous research findings as discussed above, college students have an abstract and mostly incorrect understanding of the meaning of healthy lifestyles, particularly the female college students, globally. Deductively, it thus becomes essential to consider, that if college students do not have a concrete meaning of healthy lifestyles (correct or otherwise), would they be certain of the importance of being healthy? Waldron and Dieser (2010) respond to the negative. Observing a global trend of low, inadequate, and inconsistent physical activity among college students globally, the researchers implemented a qualitative... [íK]

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August, 2015

Democracy and Public Policy

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Democracy and Public Policy Social construction exists in the society even though one may not be aware of it. Everyone in the society lives under segregation depending on their gender, class or race. Gender, class and race do not mean anything. However, they only have a meaning since the society assigns them the meaning. Basing on the above information, social construction is concerned with how the society groups the people and how it gives privileges to the various groups over the others. On the context of this paper, social construction is based on policy targets, which... [íK]

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