Racism in the Justice System


February, 2020

Racism in the Justice System

Racism in the Justice System Name: Institution Racism in the Justice System The Canadian criminal justice system is writ with flaws in its operations. Hierarchically, the system is entrenched with racial inequality and stereotyping, which plays a very big role in determining the outcome of court cases. Moreover, there is consistent oversight on corrupt practices in the criminal justice system, which, according to reports, increases on an annual basis. There is also maltreatment against mild offenders, while the elite who have committed greater crimes receive preferential treatment. Many scholars and stakeholders alike have cited these disparities, with very little or... [K]

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February, 2020


Student Name: Subject Code & Title: Due Date: THE SAUDI ACQUISITION OF PAKISTAN NUCLEAR WEAPON It has been confirmed one of the intentions by Saudi Arabia to acquire a nuclear weapon from Pakistan as quoted by officials from the US. This has happened amid the constant negotiations taking place between Iran and other super powers over a nuclear programme and the possible defrosting of its relations to the US. The possibility of a covenant on Iran’s nuclear platform worries Saudi Arabia as it has the potential to pave the way for nuclear propagation in the region. The desire to match... [K]

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May, 2016

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